Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

After reading the novellas from the Throne of glass series, I was really scared to start this book. But I was so wrong! Everything was so much better than in the novellas! The writting was so much more mature! The characters had a lot more depth! The plot was more interesting!

The characters:

Celaena: Finally, a strong female character that loves dresses! I know, it may seems silly to you guys but I've had enough of all those strong female characters that think that wearing a dress is the worst torture on earth. Don't get me wrong, I know that a lot of woman don't like dresses, skirts and makeup (I'm not a big fan myself) but some do! It almost seems that in ya litterature, you can't be a strong women and like taking care of you apparence. There's all kind of people in this world. Someone said in their review of ''Throne of glass'': ''You can kick ass and look good while doing it''!.
Anyway, I really liked Celaena. I liked that she was attractive and beautiful and knew it. I liked that she was a little bit of a snob. She was just...different from most ya characters ansd I liked that. However, I never really felt connected to her but maybe it will change with Crown of midnight.

Dorian: I was surprised because I really liked him in the first half of the book and I didn't expect it from what I had heard about him. I enjoyed his interactions with Celaena but like she says at some points, his feelings for her were more like curiosity and attraction than love. However, his opinion on dogs made me loose all interests in him.... What can I say, I'm a animal lover. I still think he's an interesting character and can't wait to see him grow during the series. Oh and another issue I had with him and Celaena is that I never really understood why she was interest in him. I understood her attraction to him but not her interest. Also, at some point, Dorian do something nice for her and Celaena transformed (for a moment) from a strong, arrogant and fierce women to a a naive and anoying teenager. After that, their interactions lost a little bit of their charms.

Chaol: I love him. He's charming, calm and his feelings for Celeana are genuine. I love that he and Celaena don't see their feelings comming. They don't see it happening but us readers do and it was magical. 

In the end, I enjoyed reading this book. It wasn't the greatest book I've read but the main character was so unique that it was worth reading. And Chaol was the kind of male interest I love. I'm excited to see where this series will progresses.