30 Day Challenge


30 Day Challenge-Day 11

A book you hated:


To be honest, I can only remember hating two books.


The first one was Ender's game by Orson Scott Card

It's the first book I only gave 1 star to .I couldn't find anything I liked about it so I had to give it only 1 star. Back then, I was slowly getting into the Sci-Fy genre and I went into this book expecting to love it. 

But...I thought the writing was atrocious and maybe it's because english is my second language but the it couldn't keep my attention. I hated the dialogues, they didn't feel like real conversations real people would have. Specially since the characters were so young.And that's another thing I hated about the book. The children, especially Elder didn't feel like children at all. I guess that we're supossed to think it's normal since they're genius that never actually had the chance to be children but it was still, it was too much for me. The characters didn't feel like humans but like robots and because of that I was never able to connect with them. 

Finally, the plot didn't grab me at all.


I know that a lot of people love this book and it's perfectly okay with me, after all everyone is entitled to their own opinion!



The other book I hated was The Infinite moment of us by Lauren Myracle



-The characters were shallow and underdeveloped. The female character wants to be the center of the universe for the male character and judge him everytime (EVERYTIME) he spends time with anyone else than her. His friends, family, his disabled brother....She also thought he should give up everything he'd worked toward to go to Guatemala with her. Form what I rememeber, they only had dated for a few weeks and she alreay think that way....



-The romance was rushed (speed of light-rushed....) and was all about physical attraction.It lacked depth and reality and it felt more like the kind of romance you see in fanfictions and not the good kind if fanfictions. When she talked about this book, the author talked about soulmates and true love but to be honest, it feel like shed confused lust for young love.



One page the male protagonist tell us that he never spoke with the female protagonist  for more than one minute and less then five pages later, he tell us that he's in love with her.


Anyway, who was he kidding? He didn't believe in love, either, but this he knew: He loved Wren Gray. He'd loved her forever it seemed.


Again, he almost never talk to her but he's loved her forever it seemed?!Argh....


Once again, you dont have to share my opinion about those two books.I'm not saying people should not give them a chance.Those books didn't do it for me but some people will love them I'm sure. And I will read other books from those two authors. Just because I hated one of their books doesn't mean I will hate them all.