Shooting stars by Karina Halle

Shooting Scars - 'Karina Halle'

I love Javier. I think he is a great character. I have a love/hate relationship with him and Ellie. I want to hate it when they have ''moments'' together but I can't. That being said, how people can still want Ellie after this book is just beyond me. But everyone's entitled to their opinion!



Novella On every street: He kills one of his own friend in their home, after he told Ellie he would never get her involved with what he does.  Also he cheats on her.

Book 1: He kidnaps and threaten a child and let's face it, he would have hurt the child if he had to.

Book 2: Drugs Ellie. Uses her. Lies to her. Tells her she's not good. Strangles her when they have sex and he doesn't even stop when she tells him to. No.Istead he tells her: You think I don't know how to handle you. Well I'm handling you now and You don't tell me when to stop....Also, when she tells him she doesn't want to have sex with him, what does he says? No? You don't get to say no.  


And that's just a few of the things he does....


Don't get me wrong. I love him as a character. He's a real bad guy. Not the usual romanticized ''bad boy''. He's truly bad and that's what I like about him. That makes him so interesting. But do I want Ellie to ends up with him? No way! He should find someone who's more like him...