OCD Love story by Corey Ann Haydu

OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu

Sometimes, only buying a book because of the (gorgeous) cover pays off.

OCD Love story by Corey Ann Haydu got so much personality, charm and depth and I'm really thanfull that I brought it.It's now one of my favorite read of 2013.


I especially loved the relationships and the characters in this book.

Bea, Beck,Lish all felt like authentically teens. They were also a lot relatable. Luckily, I don't have to deal with mental issues like Bea or Beck, but the author's writting is so good that I could easily put myself in their shoes. And about Beck, his reasons for behaving the way he does was so heartbreaking I shed a few tears.

Also, the romance between Bea and Beck was really touching. Both characters are incredibly messed up but that's what makes their relationship so interesting. They're not messed up in a ''pretty way'' like in most ya books. They're just messed up. They're not  idealized and/or perfect.



This book as everything you could want from a ya contemporary book: Exceptional writing, interesting and well developed characters, sweet and touching romance,a little humor...I wish more people would know about it. It deserves so much more attention than what's it's getting.