Crash into you by Katie McGarry

Crash into You - Katie McGarry


I have to say, this book was fairly predictable. That being said, I still really enjoyed it. I just wish something in it would have surprised me a little. One thing I really loved about Crash into you was that deespite the unusual car culture environment It was very believable and exciting.





Rachel was a frustrating character to read. I liked that she was naive and innocent, that made her interesting, but she was a little too much unidimensional for my tastes. And she seemed a lot younger than she actually was.


Their relationship developed rather quickly and I felt that their relationship lacked substance. At times, it felt  corny and a little forced but Katie McGarry sure knows how to write steamy moments!


I wanted  Katie McGarry to spend a little less times on the romance and I wish that the Isaiah and Rachel' personal issues were  further explored instead. 


Crash Into You is an addictive read, like every Katie McGarry's book, you won't want to put it down.