The Unidentified redhead

The Unidentified Redhead  - Alice Clayton

This book started so well. Great characters, a lot of humor, a cute romance....Then it was sex, sex, sex and more sex. Don't get me wrong, I picked this book in the erotica section of my bookstore so I expected a lot of sex. But for at least 2/3 of the book, it was only Everytime the two main characters saw each other I knew what was going to happen next: multiple orgasms. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Everything plot related was  pusheinto the background : The main character's career (about 20 pages), family(about 25 pages), romance (without the sex, maybe 50 pages). Then 150 pages of sex. And at first I didn't mind, but then after a while I realized that even the sex was repetitive. 120 pages of oral sex is just too much I'm sorry. 


I give this book 3.5 because I really liked the beginning and specially the humor (that mysteriously disappeared ....).