The edge of never

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

After 56 pages

I do like this book so far but like usual, I just can't connect with the main female character, Cam. The whole ''I found the love of my life'' at sixteen, we didn't have sex, ''we made love''...Arghhh, I just can't. I do believe that you can fall in love in love at sixteen, and sometimes, it can be the love of you life, I just wish she was more realistic about love and be like : I don't know if we'll always be together but I know that I love him. But that never happens in New adult books. It's always all or nothing. And of course, she will never love anyone ever again...


Also, her heart tells her thing. Actually, her heart could possibly a rapist detector because at some point, her heard tell her that a guy wouldn't have raped her. Funny, the only thing my heart does is  pump blood I guess it's because I'm an alien. 



Her negative attitude.Yes, what she had to through is devastating and horrible. But still, she keeps making assumptions about people and she's so judgemental. For instance, at some point of the book she says that girls who talked about depression in hugh school didn't know at all what they were talking about. That may true but how can she know for sure? Did she even ever talked to these girls, if not how can she know what they were thinking? And she judges every single person around her. That beind said, it's true she's surrounded by horrible people but the way she talk is like, she's so much better than all of them. ''Poor me'', ''poor me''.You’re not special girl and sure as hell not better than everyone else. 


And all the drama. It's like the author wants me to feel pity for Cam and I guess I must be a cold hearted ''bit**'' because I don't care about her at all. 



But I do like this book and I don't know why ...