The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

(p. 216). So, Cam never had any one night stand because it's ''kind of slutty''.  Yet, 200 pages ago she was thinking of having one because she's no interested in a relationship. Maybe I'm just getting confused and remembering it wrong but I'm pretty sure it happened. Also, I'm pretty sure she's thinking of having one at this exact moment so I guess she's on the train to slut town....


And then Andrew says this:

-''If a girl did that a lot,'' he draws out that word with a squeamish smile, ''then it would be slutty sure. Once or twice, I don't know,,,''he motions his hands at level with his shoulders as if shaking the number around in his mind indecisively, ''there's nothing wrong with that''. 



And if it's a boy?


Also, how many times exactly is ''a lot''?