The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

So, in the first few chapters of the book, Cam says that she wants to work because she doesn't want to live off her father's money.

But now, she's perfectly okay with using that same money to go on a long road trip with her (very new) boyfriend.






Wow. Fingering and hand-job at the hospital+matching tattoos





-it's like some kind of fucking fairytale love story that you just can't make up, y'know?''

Hummm no. That's just a typical new adult romance honey.




Awww. ''miracle healing''


I guess that when you're such an incredible man like Andrew ( I mean the guy plays guitar, sing like an angel and is a sex god!) you can spend 8 months with a brain tumor, have almost no chance or making it, not have any kind of treatment, have a surgery at the last minute possible, fall into a coma and still get a miracle recovery.




How lovely. 

(p.465) Awww. Pregnant at 20 with a guy she barely know.

And she still plan to travel the world with Andrew. And none of them have a job. Yeah. She's living the dream.I'm so jealous. I guess some people just have it all. 


And of course Andrew immediately propose. And the second thing he says after learning he's going to have a child: Let's have pregnant sex! I'm serious, it's really the thing he says.