Book haul time

Did I just ordered 25 books on bookoutlet...







Christmas's shopping has officially started!

Scratch and Dent (It's the first time I order them, quantity over quality this time...):

  • -VALKYRIE RISING by Paulson, Ingrid(Hardcover) 3.49

-WANDERLOVE by Hubbard, Kirsten(Hardcover) 2.99

-THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES (BK.4)by Rachel Caine (Parperback) 1.89

-HOW I LIVE NOW by Rosoff, Meg(Paperback) 1.29

and possibility

-SLIDE by Hathaway, Jill(Hardcover)2.99
 It's not supposed to be a scratch and dent but it's so cheap that I'm not so sure....




-THE OUTCAST: A NOVEL (P.S.) by Jones, Sadie(Paperback, 3.99)

-DEADLY COOL by Halliday, Gemma (Paperback,2.99)

-SOCIAL SUICIDE by Halliday, Gemma (Paperback 3.49)

-THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK by Quick, Matthew (Paperback, 5.99)

-SAVING FRANCESCA BY Marchetta, Melina (Paperback, 2.99)

-THE ROSE OF WINSLOW STREET by Camden, Elizabeth(Paperback, 5.99) 

-IRONSKIN by Connolly, Tina (Hardcover. 5.99)

-A DISTANT MELODY by by Sundin, Sarah (Paperback, 5.99)

-THROUGH RUSHING WATER by Richmond, Catherine(Paperback, 4.99)

-YOU HAD ME AT HELLO by McFarlane, Mhairi(Paperback, 3.99)

-SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY by Dennard, Susan (Hardcover,5.99)

-THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Nelson, Jandy (Paperback, 3.49)

-MONUMENT 14 by Laybourne, Emmy (Hardback, 5.99)

-CROSS MY HEART by  Gould, Sasha (Hardcover, 4.99)

-THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES (VOLUME 2) by Rachel Caine(Paperback, 3.99)

-ENCHANTED by Kontis, Alethea (Paperback, 3.49)

-THE HALLOWED ONES by Bickle, Laura (Paperback, 2.99)


Signed books:


-DON'T BREATHE A WORD by Cupala, Holly (Paperback, 4.99)

-DEATH SENTENCE by Smith, Alexander Gordon(Paperback 4.99)

-THE FARM by McKay, Emily (Paperback, 4.99)




Luckily, I had two coupons of 5 $ but sadly, it costed me 25$ of (stupid) shipping.


I'm so exited right now!