The Edge of Always  - J.A. Redmerski

I was curious about the Edge of always, the sequel of the Edge of never so I read a few sentences hereand there, nothing specific and I need your help! I need to pick up a REALLY good book to clean my mind....what I read from the Edge of always was so awfull and made me so angry and I need to pick up sonething good to clear my mind.



I know that a lot of people love rhis series and I respect that but it's just isn't for me. The main female character is one of the worst character I've ever seen. She judges EVERYONE and EVERYTHING they do, think and say. She think she's superior to every single person on this planet.Well except Andrew of course. But I guess he's also part of the superior species since SHE choose to be him. The last part of the book I read that made me lose it was when she says this:


« It’s not because of Lily. I love her so much and could never blame her. Because the truth is that life doesn’t end with a pregnancy. A lot of people seem to think that, but I believe in my heart that it’s all in the way you choose to live it. Sure, having a baby is one of the most difficult things to do, but it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t have to be the shattering of a person’s dreams. What Andrew and I have been slowly doing without realizing it is what shatters dreams: we’ve been getting too comfortable »


Don't get me wrong. What she says makes senses! The thing is. She's four mounths pregnant. She never had a kid. the fact that she has a big peanut in her belly doesn't make her an expert on pregnancy and what it's like to ave kid. Wait until you hold your baby in your hands to say if raising one is the end of  the world or not. My ploblem is not what she says( or think) but the fact that she always thinkthat she can do everything better than anyone and she always think she knows best. 


Also, just after she says this: 


« God, why did she have to say that? I sigh quietly and try not to look at her so she doesn’t see the disappointment in my face. Natalie is my best friend, but I’ve always known she’ll be one of those people who live out their entire lives in a colorless bubble and only wake up to regret it when it’s too late to change it. She 

just proved it with her comment about how having a baby pretty much means the end of line as far as a fun, fulfilling kind of life is concerned. And because she’ll never understand, I don’t respond to that, either »


Only her own opinion is okay. Her friend isn't entitled to have her own opinion. Also her friend lives in a colorless bubble and will regret it someday. How exactly does she knows that?How can she knows the fuc...... Future?!?!?!The way she wants to live her live is her business and it'okay and admirable that she knows how she wants to live her life and what she wants from life but that doesn't mean that everyone want/need the same things so I don't see how she can be so sure that Melanie will have regrets about her life and I don't undertand why she fees like she has any right to judge the way her friend lives her life.



Anyway,I'm sorry for this fit of anger. I needed to let it own. Now I need to find a great book that'll make me forget everything I just read. Any suggestions?