Reading progress update: I've read 267 out of 378 pages.

Geek Girl - Holly Smale

I really like this book so far. It's funny and just....I don't now...charming I guess.


But I have two major issues with it:


  1. 1.Why do ''smart girls'' in books never use their brain? Why do they never seem to use their brain to do something else instead of learning historical facts or doing math, like I don't know... THINK?! I can't believe Harriet is so surprised that an article on her modelling is already out!!!

There's no way this could have happened. It would have to have gone to print...Last night.


C'mon. It's 2013. It's not surprising that an article is released the day after a event happened. And what about the internet?! She didn't realized that with twitter, blogs, facebook and websites, the news was already out 5 seconds after the event happened....


Anyway, that's not the first time something like that happen in the book and I just think it's a little ridiculous.


2.I read almost 2/3 of this book wich means I'm almost done with it and I feel like I've only read the prologue of a book. Nothing much happened. It's just the start of the plot. I know it's a series but still.