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Unravelling (Unravelling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris

Hummm. Is the main character seriously going to investigate a cia case (related to the death of her father, probably) 5 minutes after she learned he's dead?! ?! I understand that it's now or never that she could find evidences but that's just ridiculous in my opinion. She's a 17/18 high school student! It was already ridiculous when she used her dad computor to look at secret CIA files (her dad worked for the CIA) when she could have got her dad in big trouble and when she went to see a crime scene and impersonated a CIA agent or a police officer, I don't remember( a 17 years old girl wearing regular clothes, really?! Is the CIA/Police credulous?!). I'm just so tired of  seing  supposedly brilliant girl in ya books who don't have a  brain.



Arghh...This book is quite good, the plot is exciting but c'mon....

edit: Okay, it didn't exactly go like I thought it would. That being said, I still think the main character is stupide and not very likeable( despite the fact that her mother is bipolar, her father was working all the time and she had to take care of her brother/mother, the fact that she may have been raped ( and that came out from nowwhere....), her ex best-friend is a bit***, and bla, bla, bla). Just because a character has a though life doesn't mean she's likeable or interesting.