Hummm part 2

It Felt Like A Kiss - Sarra Manning

-Where have you been?Who the fuck have you been with her having you?


You would think that it was the wife speaking but no, it's the mistress.


And just after that she's complaining because he was with his wife and kid at the doctor because the kid was sick. She asks him what use he could have been at the doctor...She's complaining because he was there (and no use at all apparently) and he lef her in ''shithole'' pregnant( She didn't want to keep the baby and he insisted she did).


Again, the guy is f****** married!!! You got youreself into this mess in the first place. Again, the guy is fool and jerk. Name a flaw and he as it. But she got herself in this situation. Again, Am I supposed to like this character? Her chapters didn't add anything to the story so far. The only thing they do is making me angry. I don't know if they're there to make me hate Ellie's father (that's working) but it's making me hate her mother just as much and I'm not sure that they're supposed to...