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It Felt Like A Kiss - Sarra Manning

Good news: Ari is no longer infatued with her rockstar boyfriend. The bad news? She's transfered her obsession on her new born baby. Don't get me wrong, I perfectly understand I think it makes a lot more senses (and it's a lot more healthier) wthan her infatuationith Billy but she was supposed to give the baby for adoption(to someone she and Billy knew actually) and she's being really mean about it. I undertstand that she now has a ''bound'' with her baby of course, but she doesn't seem to understand at all how the woman she was supposed to give the baby to feel. She's complaining about her and arghh. The poor woman. It seems she really wanted a baby.

And now she's complaining about Billy because it doesn't like the fact that she's letting the baby sleep between them in bed(because she no longer give him all her attention).


Wait a minute, I thought it was dangerous to sleep with a baby, After doing some researchs I found a few articles that are saying is not that dangerous but I'm pretty sure they didn't kew it back then (Ari's chapters are set more than 20 years ago.

Anyway, maybe I'm wrong but I'm still hating her character....Everytime I read a Ellie's chapter I'm like: Wow, 5 stars, easy! Loving it and then I read an Ari's chapter and I'm thinking about taking of a star or two to my rating...