Reading progress update: I've read 125 out of 408 pages.

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi

A few thoughts about the first 125 pages:


After a few pages:


-Of course, of course Warner had a good reason for every crazy thing he did in Shatter me. I love the guy, I do. It took me a while but he has won me over. But I'm getting really tired of him becoming the misunderstood hero. It feel a little forced and convenient.



-I'm a little relieved because of Adam, Ian, Winston and Kenji's recations to Warner's powers and him saying Juliette. I get why Juliette get all defensive about him because she knows him but in real life, Warner would turn out to be an actual bad guy and not a prince charming undercover so I'm relieved to see people reacting the way I would.



-And of course perfect Warner helped her get better. You can't see it but I'm rolling my eyes (and it's not a 50 shades of grey kind of situation).



-That being said, I do like Warner and I do want him to end up with Juliette. The thing is, in Shatter me and Unravel me I also liked Adam. Maybe he wasn't as interesting or complex but he was a nice guy. But with Destroy me, Fracture me and this book(so far) it's like the author is doing everything she can to make readers like Warner and hates Adam.


-Now it's like for every single horrible thing he did in SM, Warner had a very good reason (the torture, the killing...etc) that makes him so ''deep'' and ''kind'' and for every nice thing he did, Adam now had bad intention or at least, not so nices one. And Warmer is always saying the right thing and Adam is always saying something that makes him sounds like a jerk. I prefer love triangles with a ''fair'' fight where both love interest don't switch personalities after the first book.And Adam used to be one of the main characters but now it's like he's barely a side character. Even Kenji is more important than him (that being said, Kenji is the man!)