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Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi

So  now Juliette only loved Adam by default because he was nice to her and could touch her. And of course when she'll realize that she loves Warner (because it's obvious that it's gonna happen), it'll be her own choice. Yeah because they're so many other guys that she can touch. Oh wait.Now she's not sure she was even in love in the first place .


THEN WHY did I read about 800 pages (Shatter me+Unravel me) of her telling me how much she loved Adam?! Don't tell me it's another YA series where the female character can only have one '' true love''. I mean it's not possible that she loved Adam, don't love him anymore (probably because Shatter me Adam went missing after that book and was replaced with a clone with a new ''asshole'' personality) and is falling in love with another guy.

It's almost like an episode of Once Upon A time where when you fall in love and then fall out of love, it means it wasn't (true) love.


I thought this series was aa dystopian series (with a LOT of romance),  


Excuse my language.