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Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi

Awww. The only thing I like less than the ''I can only have one true love'' classic, the '' now that I know what true love is I can speak for everyone and I can tell what they're feeling''.


Juliette isn't Adam so there is no way she knows if he still loves her or not. Just because she's more ''mature,  self-confident and know what love is now'', doesn't mean she knows what's going on in Adam's head (or his hear for that matter). Only Adam can say if if what he felt was love or not and if he's still in love with her or not. 


Edit: p.261. Seriously, I can't deel with the joke that Adam has become. Yes, sometimes people aren't as nice and kind as they appear to be but I'm sorry. The Adam from this book is not the same as the one from Shatter me. Everytime he appears I feel like I'm reading a parody from Dawson's creek love triangle(Pacey, Joey and Dawson). And Adam is Dawson.


And I'm sorry but Shatter me's Adam was not a Dawson! Okay, he wasn't that resting and he clearly wasn't a Pacey and I would have been okay with him becoming a flawed character but I'm not okay with him becoming a big joke.



And yes, I rewatched Dawson's creek third season last week....


I don't want to wait....


And a bonus gif:


Okay two: