Reading progress update: I've read 320 out of 443 pages.

The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa

 No! Just no! Zeke shouldn't know better Alison. You would make the same assumptions if you were him. I love you darling, you're one badass character but sometimes you can be quite annoying... 


Her attitude can be a little too much. Like with Jeb. Such the guy has major issues but she went against his authority right away, before she even got to know him. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. Same thing with Ruth. Sure, the girl turns out to be a....well I won't say it because I'd prefer to stay polite but Alison immediately hates her and is always  mocking her. 


Don't get me wrong, I really like her. I think she's very intelligent and brave and like I said, pretty badass. And I love her sarcasm. But even that brothers me sometimes because the timing  and..her sarcastic comments (or thoughts) it just doesn't always work for me.


Spoilers: I mean, who's so sarcastic 5 seconds after becoming a vampire when she hated vampires all her life. I mean. It could happen of course. But it often feel forced and happen in inappropriate situations/moments.


Still, I like her and the book is really good and very addicting. JK has always been really good at worldbuild but this time she's also managed to create relatively complex characters wich wasn't the case in The Iron Fey (in my opinion).