The one

So, I was reading The one by Kiera Cass and suddenly I realized: This is the third book in a row that I just brought that I read!  Usually, they're sitting on my shelfs for months....or years. I'm so pround of myself! 



Also, for the first time in years I took a 2 weeks reading break(I did finished a book I started a while ago)for the first time in years and to be honest I'm thankfull I did. I didn't chose to take a break. It just happened. I finished school almost 2 weeks ago. Then for some reasons, I watched tones(TONES) of dramas(my other addiction after books) and I just didn't feel like reading. And then I went on a trip for my birthday ealier this week (but my birthday was yesterday) to Montreal so see Lana del Rey and did a little book shopping and BOOM, I wanted to read again. It happened very naturally. 


To my TBR books: