New adult

Foreplay - Sophie Jordan

Is it too much to ask for a single new adult book to have a the main female character not have some kind of tragic past( rape/violence/bad family etc. you name it). 

Well sometimes you're lukcy(and when I say sometimes I mean most of the times....) and the male male character also has a ''mysterious'' and '''tragic'' past.

And why do the main female character almost never have experience in dating and sex. And don't get me started on how ''hot''  and ''swoon-worthy '' the hero is. He's so hot that every girl wants him and he's so hot he  can turn gay women hetero....


Don't get me wrong, I also went past high school without any dating experience but I'm getting really tired of reading about girls with similar experience.Also,I know a lot of people had to deal with difficult things when they were young. I'm just getting tired of reading the same novel over and over again.