Am I dead inside?

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green


I just watched the fault in our stars. If I didn’t really care for it, does mean I don’t have a heart?I thought it was alright but nothing felt special about it (not the storyline or the characters at least) and it felt like a movie I had watched many (too many) times before. That being said, I haven't read the book yet(please don't kill me books/John Green lovers) because I'm one of the very few book lovers (at least, on internet) that doesn't mind watching the movie first. I actually prefer it sometimes (like with The silver lining playbook for exemple). And I was always interested in the book but something kept pulling me off so I trhought that the movie would make me want to read it even more again, like TSLP) but now, I just don't know. I will read it but not untill I find it for cheap that's for sure.